ACCC – Compliance & Enforcement Priorities for 2024/25

ACCC fights back

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Australia’s watchdog for upholding competition, consumer rights, and product safety standards, has outlined its enforcement priorities for the upcoming period. Expanding upon the groundwork laid in previous years and acknowledging the challenges posed by the cost of living and the digital economy, the ACCC’s focus for 2024-25 will […]

Economic Update – James Packham

Economist James Packham, Managing Director of Harcourts Packham and ABRT Board Member, provides his opinion. James has multiple business interests and is a keen investor to SMEs (Southern Angel Investors member). James is also an economist, real estate auctioneer, seasoned property developer and business broker. James has provided us with this highly informative snapshot (with some remarkable statistics) […]

The pressures and stresses of working in insolvency and turnaround.

Did you ever think that working in insolvency or turnaround would come with the physical, mental and psychological challenges that it does? It’s not just about numbers, it’s about managing the emotions, energy and expectations of others. This is not easy, even for those professionally trained in those areas. When I talk with those working in insolvency or turnaround, I hear the stress and pressure they are under, and I see the physical, mental and emotional impact this is having.

May 2023 Economic Update – James Packham

James PAckham ABRT Board Member Restructuring Turnaround

Real Estate expert & Economist James Packham, Managing Director of Harcourts Packham and ABRT Board Member, provides his opinion following the latest interest rate rise.

Construction Industry

construction industry insolvency

Once again, the ABRT is lucky to have expert Stephen Barnes RTP® provide some thoughtful insight, commentary and his professional opinion on this week’s media announcement concerning ASIC statistics – specifically, those in relation the construction industry. The new data shows Australian businesses are failing at the highest rate since before the pandemic began.

Anti-Phoenix Decision

In a report commissioned by the Fair Work Ombudsman in June 2012 titled “Phoenix Activity – Sizing the problem and matching solutions”, the following definition of phoenix activity was developed in consultation with stakeholders

Private & Confidential?

The value of the words ‘Private and Confidential’ in a legal sense depends on the context in which they are used. Often these words are written on correspondence merely to emphasise that the intended recipient must open the letter, rather than someone else. For example, you may not want a family member or colleague opening a communication from your doctor. In other instances the words can impose a legal duty on you to manage the communication in a particular way.