South Australia ABRT Launch 2022

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Headquartered in South Australia, we decided it was perfect timing for a soft launch event for our innovative new professional association. Were delighted that our event was fully sold out!

It was a full house with over 100 of SA’s top professionals attending our interactive business networking luncheon.

Association for Business Restructuring and Turnaround Ltd – ABRT

Our message is loud and clear. The ABRT is a non-profit organisation for the entire community of restructuring and turnaround professionals, acknowledging their experience, specialisation and vital economic contribution.

Whether an innovative executive, an industry expert or in professional practice, the ABRT’s purpose is to resolve financial distress for small and family businesses, save jobs and create the confidence and public trust which underpins continued trading, lending and investment. 

The core focus of the ABRT is the sustainable recovery of businesses and promoting economic regeneration. 

Roaring Start!

With so much to get through, the event started promtly at 12pm. Our MC for the day was professional Ronald Fiedler of Podcast City. Ron provided an outline of the run sheet for the day and drilled home the important statement that FOOD AND DRINK WAS COMPLIMENTARY.

The only requirements of our VIP guests – to network, mingle, eat, drink and learn about our eleven sponsors!

Professional MC Ron Fiedler kickstarts the event!
We had a full house with over 100 attendees!

Sponsors: ReGroup Solutions & Control Shift

Just prior to the food arriving our first two sponsors were introduced and a brief overview given.

ABRT Founder & Chairman, Eddie Griffith, provided a summary of specialist restructuring and turnaround services firm ReGroup Solutions. Eddie is a partner of ReGroup Solutions – Australia’s leading professional turnaround experts ~ continuing to successfully help struggling family businesses nationally:

• Restructuring, turnaround and family business succession.
• Short timeframe turnaround solutions for businesses facing crisis.
• Developing strategies to avoid and protect against business failure.

ABRT Founder & Chairman, Eddie Griffith & Partner of Event Sponsor ReGroup Solutions.

After our guests heard a little about each sponsor, a business card was drawn and one of our lucky VIP guests received a top prize!

Our winners included:

Shiralee WoodBrodie Collection Services
Samuel YoungHenson Lloyd Accountants
Andres DonosoD & S Resources
Tim PetersAddCash Finance
Peter BransonHorizon Commercial Finance
Paul O’Dea​Judo Bank

There were also multiple bottles of the finest scotch money can buy available to winning VIP guests!

Chris Meatheringham assists with the business card prize draw selection for ReGroup Solutions.

ReGroup Solutions Prize winner Shiralee Wood with Eddie Griffith
Sponsor Control Shift’s Alix Doherty with Will Bowie and Steven Polyichanin.

Sponsor: MG & Associates

At Mark Gustavsson & Associates, we assist businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and wealthy professionals to minimise legal risks, build assets and protect wealth. We have a passionate team of legal experts and pride ourselves on maintaining strong personal relationships by providing our clients with long term value. We are not a traditional law firm – we are an entrepreneurial firm for entrepreneurial clients. We eliminate surprises by fixing our fees and tailoring strategies to meet your needs.

We want to be part of your team and not just your legal advisors. We adopt a team approach and work with a network of trusted professionals with expertise outside the law. By taking the time to understand you, we are able to provide considered and sound advice.

Our goal is to minimise your risk and maximise your outcome. We are vibrant, passionate and pragmatic legal and business advisors. Our focus is to achieve the best outcome for you. We are driven by results and strive to continuously exceed your expectations to ensure you receive the highest level of personalised service.

Sponsor: HT Capital

HT Capital Pty Ltd is a boutique finance broking and consulting firm located at 26 Beulah Road, Norwood SA 5067. The firm has been established to provide independent advice to personal clients, SME’s and their owners around all aspects of debt and leverage instruments offered by traditional financial institutions as well as emerging lenders (such as private money and peer to peer platforms).

The level of complexity in finance markets continues to increase through a consistently evolving regulatory landscape and the rapid expansion of new players.

This makes professional independent advice essential for any borrower when approaching a potential lender to ensure an appropriate structure is achieved.

HT Capital’s prize winner Samuel Young of Henson LLoyd Accountants with Eddie Griffith

Sponsor: National Credit Insurance

NCI offers a complete range of trade credit services helping clients to safeguard their business from bad debts and to integrate better credit management practices. Dedication to technology, research and staff training ensures this and sets NCI apart from competitors.

NCI was established in Adelaide, Australia in 1985 as a specialist credit insurance broker. The business has grown to become the largest credit insurance broker in Australia with offices in all major capitals and also in New Zealand and Singapore.

As it grew, NCI realized while its core product was insurance broking, its business was actually about protecting the profitability of its clients. While credit insurance was the ultimate safeguard against bad debts, better business practices in trade credit management could also help to improve profitability on a day-to-day basis. NCI can improve cash flow, protect profitability and secure the value of your debtors.

Steven Polyichanin, Roger Armatys & Eddie Griffith

NCI’s prize winner Steven Polyichanin (as the first winning lawyer!) was fortunate to receive a signed copy by the author of ‘Numbers that Matters‘ by SA’s most respected and renowned business financial growth expert Evan Bulmer of Evan Bulmer and Associates.

Evan Bulmer & Eddie Griffith

David Trim and Jeff George

Sponsor: Hall Chadwick

Hall Chadwick is one of the largest and most experienced accounting groups in Australia servicing clients in every major capital city and many regional centres in Australia.

Our business advisors and tax experts add value to your business through the use of leading edge techniques and immediate access to the resources of our international network.

Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expertise services in:

– Auditing & Business Services

– Financial Planning

– Insolvency & Business Recovery

– Personal Insolvency

– Taxation Services


David Trim recently became registered as a Liquidator by ASIC. David is passionate about South Australia and its economy. Putting his knowledge and skills to use, David’s role includes providing advice to various stakeholders of distressed companies including directors, financiers, employees, unsecured creditors and their respective professional advisers, to help ensure a more prosperous future for South Australia and its business community.

Sponsor: Lloyds Valuers and Auctioneers

For over 17 years, Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers have developed into Australia’s leading Auctioneering & Valuation companies. Lloyds Auctions currently employ over 200 full time staff, a dedicated team of experts in their field across more than a dozen locations throughout Australia.

We offer a comprehensive Auction and Valuation service and have partnerships with a large number of Corporate entities including many of Australia’s Leading Financiers (Asset Rationalisation), Forensic Accountants (Corporate Recovery and Insolvency), Legal Professionals (Reports and Arbitration), Insurance and Loss Adjusters (Asset Rationalisation) and a large number of Corporate and Private Clients. We are also endorsed Auctioneers and Valuers for State, Commonwealth and Local Government Departments.

We offer over 100 years experience in Auctions, Valuation and Asset Management Projects in the region and Nationally and have a highly experienced, skilled and qualified team that can assist with any of the following services;

> Traditional Auctions (Lloyds Auctions)

> On-Site Auctions (Lloyds Asset Solutions)

> Plant and Equipment Valuations (Lloyds Valuations)

> Corporate Asset Turnaround and Marketing Solutions (Lloyds Asset Solutions)

Various Asset Management Solutions aside from Traditional Auctions, On-line Auctions and standard Valuations can be provided depending on the needs of each particular client.

Dan O’Grady of Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers

Sponsor: Harcourts Packham

At Harcourts Packham we love nothing more than getting behind our staff and clients to help them realise their goals. Fun loving, supportive and positive, our team culture enhances an already highly skilled team allowing them to operate at most productive level and achieve fantastic results.

With over 50 skilled real estate professionals across four offices, we are proudly the largest agency on Adelaide’s metropolitan coast and pride ourselves on being amongst the highest performing agencies in the Harcourts Group.


Sponsor: Andreyev Lawyers

The way we practice law is very contemporary. We use technology to keep costs down and value up. The way we charge is clear and transparent – often an all-inclusive fixed fee. We work as part of your team, rather than standing back at an arrogant arm’s length. We also continually invest in our people and our systems, so you can rely on the outcomes.

But our values and approach are very much old-school. We want to be your family’s lawyer over the long term. We want to get to know how your business works, and where you are with your investment goals. We want you and your family to pick up the phone and give us a call, and involve us in your adventures.

We offer a full business law service. But we understand that you come to us for guidance directly from our key people. For this reason, we shun growth for its own sake. We will only take you on as a client if we genuinely believe our team can provide you with relevant and tangible value.

Sponsor: Bizcap

Bizcap provide small business loans from $5,000 to $2,000,000, funded in as little as 3 hours. Our simple online application process and our commitment to saying “yes” more often, means you can focus on your growth and get on with business.

Since the company’s inception back in 2019, we’ve helped over 7,000 happy customers across Australia and New Zealand access the funding they require, to take their businesses to the next level. We pride ourselves on supporting those businesses that need it most, this means we welcome:

> Businesses with defaults and/or judgments.

> Businesses that have been declined by other lenders.

> Businesses with poor credit scores (we have no minimum credit score requirements).

We also offer hassle-free solutions, along with industry-leading commissions to our Broker Network. So, partner-up with Bizcap today and let’s work to get your clients funded.

Co-founder & MD of Bizcap Abe White

Sponsor: Financial Foreman Wealth Advisors

The Financial Foreman has been up and running for more than five years. Founder Josh Gloede has grown his staff in that time and income during that time.

In recognition of his impressive accountancy skills, Josh was a finalist in the 2018 Young Accountant of the Year and has had a feature article published on the Xero Accounting website.

Josh is also currently the President of the Australian Sub-Contractors Association and has a passion for ensuring apprentices get the right start in the building and construction industry.

What is The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisers?

The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisers is a joint venture between The Financial Foreman and Georgiou Financial Solutions.
We’ve taken a holistic approach to business that moves beyond accounting. We are delighted to work with Nicholas Georgiou, one of Adelaide’s most respected and awarded financial planners, and provide you with a comprehensive offering of services.

As a client of The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisers, we can help with:

•       Insurance – Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma, Income Protection (how much cover do you need?)

•       Superannuation – Analysis to ensure your superannuation is on track to fund your retirement (what is the right investment mix for me?)

•       Freedom Gap – Help you to put money away so that you have the freedom you want (a projection of your financial future)

•       Debt/Loan mix – Optimise your debts for the best financial outcome (when was the last time you reviewed your loans? and are they tax-effective?)

•       Investment Advice – Ensure your current investments are as tax effective as they can be (what should I invest in, and does it line up with my financial goals?)

•       Estate Planning  – Strategies for the transition to retirement (keeping your assets for your family)

Nick and Lou Georgiou of Georgiou Financial Services – with Eddie Griffith and John Stronnar

A little teaser on the Association for Business Restructuring and Turnaround – ABRT!

Just prior to our grand finale, our guests were given some information about the ABRT, its objectives and purpose. Enjoy the promotional video put together by Gilberto D’Oporto!

Gilberto D’Oporto

The Grand Finale: Guest Speaker & Singer Henry Olonga!

After a fascinating interview and some insight into Henry Olonga’s incredible life journey, Henry was kind enough to provide us with a rendition of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’.

Adelaide Skydeck, a stunning venue…

Adelaide Skydeck provides 5-star catering, serving exquisite cuisine from South Australia’s finest producers. It also captures breathtaking views across the city to the Mount Lofty Ranges. Clean, crisp and open plan, all window panes slide open to give wonderful lighting and fresh air.

Taylor & Holmes – Gold Class Catering!

For Kate Hobby food is the magnet which draws people together. And it is then the fun, memories and love that becomes very apparent, in the form of opinions, thoughts, ideas, plans, laughs, tears, wine and the incredible wonder of life. Kate Hobby thinks about that every time she designs a catering menu.

The starting point for every occasion, every client, every single job, every time is always this belief: it is what the food served says about the relationship between the host and the guest that is all powerful and memorable.

​To ensure a delightful experience for all parties, I always adhere to these lasting, timeless truths that apply to wonderful food preparation: always absolutely fresh; the highest quality; as local as can be; clean and balanced; generous flavours and this above all else: made with care, love and respect.

A love of great food and respect for the important role it plays for our clients and their guests. I ensure our food honours people. That’s our pleasure. And because I’m always thinking about food I never forget its importance.

Kate Hobby: Taylor and Holmes

Additional Event Photos!

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