S Barnes

Stephen Barnes

Victoria, National

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Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Practitioner ~ RTP®| Academic Member
Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Practitioner ~ RTP®| Academic Member

Verified Professional Profile

Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment: 

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Practitioner – RTP®
  • Fellow Chartered Accountant in Practice of the Chartered Accountants of Australia & NZ – FCA
  • Fellow Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) – FGIA
  • Community Directors Australia’s Diploma of Business (Governance)  – DipBus(Gov)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Community Company Directors – FICDA
  • Mental Health First Aid Officer with MHFA
  • Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board. Fellow Finance and Treasury Professional
  • Registered Agent with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Finance from the University of Otago – DipFin
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Otago – BCom(Acc&Fin)
  • Diploma in Journalism from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies
  • ABRT Advisory Board



Stephen Barnes is a seasoned restructuring and turnaround practitioner and, as the principal of Byronvale Advisors, has been successfully assisting struggling business owners, directors/boards and associations for over 25 years experience.

An expert in crisis management, Stephen specialises in business recovery, turnarounds, restructures and rebuilds. He has been a director of many for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Byronvale Advisors are sharp-shooters with expert knowledge on a given business subjects, ready to use what they know to overcome problems with effective solutions.

We’ve crafted and refined a unique polymathic consulting model, meaning we specialise in multiple facets of business rather than just one, all the way from starting a new business to creating a scalable growth plan.

We learn and understand your situation quickly, but thoroughly. Finally, we build teams of experts across a number of diverse disciplines and industries to advise and develop specific solutions for your business or organisation.

Stephen’s background is eclectic, which enables him to see the bigger picture and find solutions to complex problems.

Stephen helps educate directors to better understand corporate restructuring and the Insolvency Safe Harbour (section 588GA). Stephen is highly attentive and fully recognises that on the business journey, the owners will inevitably come across obstacles that are emotionally challenging and draining. Coupled with the sheer uncertainty of not knowing what to do, Stephen helps directors to take back control of their business and actions.

We help and advise businesses that recognise their problems early on and want to fix them because they want to continue being in business and serving their customers and clients. Our specialist business solutions cover most of the business spectrum, but our forte is in crisis management, pre-insolvency, business turnaround, restructuring, and Safe Harbour advisory.

Stephen’s a prolific writer and authored books and useful guidance materials on business restructuring and turnaround. Stephen’s experience and contribution towards the ABRT certification has made him an exemplary innovator and pioneer in the profession.

Stephen’s latest published book ‘Triage’ is utilised as the key study text for the ABRT’s Executive Certification.

Each ABRT certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager – RTM® is provided with a free hardcopy of the book once annual payment has been made.

The book ‘Triage’ contains practical information and essential tools that are appropriate for C-suite executives, directors, business owners, senior management and entrepreneurs.

A working knowledge of the contents of the book guarantees an organisation significant competitive advancement. The completion of the ABRT post graduate certification demonstrates an understanding of the fundamental knowledge, practices and mindset required to quickly prioritise and develop a plan.

Those in business advisory services (lawyers, accountants, technology professionals…) will find the ABRT executive management specialism broadens their scope of work, helps prioritise tasks, and craft a plan that leads to sustainability recovery.