Matthew Kalinski

Queensland, National

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Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®
Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®

Verified Professional Profile

Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment:

  • ABRT Certified Restructuring and Turnaround Manager. RTM®.
  • Licensed Auctioneer (Western Australia)
  • Accredited Senior Valuer (Machinery & Technical Specialties). American Society of Appraisers. ASA(MT&S). 
  • Certified Practising Auctioneer Member & Valuer Member. Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia (AVAA).
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) with distinction. Curtin University. BCom(Ec). 


ABRT Board Member

As Head of Valuations for Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers, Matthew is amongst Australia’s leading valuers. Matthew has over 20 years of experience helping businesses, bankers, financiers, lawyers, liquidators and other client stakeholders’ to assess, refinance, restructure, value, appraise, auction and liquidate assets from industries such as airlines through to zoos and everything in between! Matthew’s experience spans a broad range of asset classes including Heavy Mining Equipment, Earthmoving Equipment, Trucks, Civil, Vehicles, Marine, Hospitality, Information Technology and Chattels.

Matthew uses his trademark ‘passion, persistence and purpose’ approach to ensure he delivers for Lloyds’ clients every time.

You’ve got to be flexible; you’ve got to react fast; putting a solid plan in motion; having the people already trained up and seeing that plan through to the end. It’s a simple formula in my book, one we like to put into practise time and time again.

The ABRT was delighted that Matthew consented to act as a member of the Board. As a well renowned leader in the valuation & auctioneering profession, Matthew’s opinion is held in high regard by stakeholders’.

This is due to Matthew’s fundamental and comprehensive understanding of the restructuring, turnaround and insolvency profession. Matthew has a track record in accurately determining asset valuations on alternate bases that often include a range of comparative restructuring strategies (including, for example, going concern, market value, in-situ/ex-situ, forced sale & auction realisation processes which account for practicality, currency and geographical locations).

Acting with independence and objectivity, Matthew’s expert professional opinion is relied upon when determining the appropriate realisation outcomes for various stakeholders’. This ensures the ‘best outcome’ is attained by a company when weighing up restructuring options and balancing stakeholders’ interests.