Louise Mumme

South Australia, Queensland

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Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA
Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA

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Louise Mumme states that she ‘loves debt collection’. While this may sound unusual; Louise has found that debt collection is about Communication, Empathy, and Negotiation and she has learned to enjoy the daily challenges it brings.

Education and Training is always important, not just for Louise and her staff, but also for her clients who may need help navigating the legal requirements so they can find the best outcomes. Ongoing training for clients includes an array of consulting and training programs regarding setting up their own “in house” collection team; or simmply protocols for assistance in invoicing, conducting credit checks and avoiding delinquent payers.

Louise states that just as ‘no two debts are alike; no two clients are alike’. Louise treats each debt as unique, and develops strategies to emsure the best outcomes, whilst maintaining customer relations, a professionalworking relationship and brand loyalty. Brodie Collection expert services have meant rapid expansion and they now collect Australia wide. Offices are held in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Brodie Collection Services have been providing high quality debt collection services since 1993.

Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment: 

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Associate. RTA.