John Purl

South Australia, National

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Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®
Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®

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Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment: 

  • ABRT Restructuring and Turnaround Manager – RTM® 
  • Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program. Food Matters Institute. Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. Kaplan – AdvDipFP
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). University of South Australia – BCom(Fin)



John Purl is a Lifestyle Coach who works with a range of professionals and business owners. John states that Private Coaching is about helping others unpack their goals, their frustrations and their areas of improvement. John motivates and helps clients gain clarity into their true end goals and understand what the roadblocks are from them living their ‘most successful life’. John’s own journey in learning about health, fitness and nutrition, made it abundantly clear that there existed a direct correlation between health & wellbeing and ‘success’ and ‘happiness’.

This provided for a lightbulb moment where John knew he needed to establish a coaching business that was high touch, personalised and where the key was holding clients accountable to ensure goals were achieved. But, what had started as his own journey transformed into his mission and ‘John Purl Coaching’ was officially started in 2019 as his “second business”.

John’s background was in the financial advice profession and he had worked for a US Investment Bank and Big Four Australian Banks, helping a wide range clients and high net worth individuals and families. In 2014, John created his wealth advisory business ‘Affinitas Capital’ to cater for busy professionals and business owners.  John started this business from scratch. No clients and no income. As the business owner, John retained a core objective to develop genuine relationships with his clients. Rapid growth and value for his services resulted in the firm generating nearly $1 million annually. As a family man, John’s time was precious and he continually sought the healthy work/life equilibrium.

Fundamentally, THIS is the big difference – it is John’s professional background, life experience and uniquely experimental journey that has culminated in an extremely proficient and highly effective lifestyle coaching professional. In fact, this is what sets John apart. John has lived and breathed his own fitness & nutrition journey. John has advised wealthy and successful clients first hand. John knew the challenges of being a business owner and family man.

John Purl Coaching has now become John’s sole business focus – and he is dedicated to every single client. John understands how busy his clients’ lives are and he is familiar with the contemporary challenges that have emerged in recent times. John has developed his own range of tools, tactics, and systems so that his clients’ not only find healthier balances, but also take control of their lives and continually strive to succeed. As far as clients go, John is a thoroughly genuine and sincere friend – if you’re going to be held accountable for goals, you couldn’t find a more decent man.

I work with individuals on their health and wellness journey which is more than just physical, it is spiritual and nutritional, highlighting areas of improvement and opportunity. This could be movement, mindset, nutrition or even the environment in which they operate. There is undoubtedly a direct correlation between success and health and wellbeing!