Frank Carbone

South Australia

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Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA
Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA

Verified Professional Profile

Frank Carbone was one of the youngest people to be granted an Investigation/Commercial Agents License in South Australia nearly 40 years ago. Frank has practised as a private investigator his entire career. He has become the industry specialist and has written, signed off on, and developed training manuals for investigations, collections, repossessions, enquiries, field calls and skip tracing processes.

During his time, Frank has spent time in criminal defence investigations and worked on some of Australia’s most notorious criminal cases. With the advancement of technology, Frank has found an increased requirement for de-bugging and bug sweeping services, in order that confidential meetings, dispute resolutions and sensitive meetings can take place with the parties’ mutually agreed security and privacy measures in place. Frank advises frequently on the importance of ‘chain of custody’ to ensure the admissability of evidence whether physical, technological or retained on software/devices.

Frank has built an impressive number of relationships with law firms over the years. On occassion, Frank has been known to take on a speculative case (if for a regular referral partner or even if it captures Frank’s interest!). Frank’s work has provided him with a particularly good understanding of the legal processes and how these are applied practically within South Australia. Frank works closely with the emergency services and holds a maintains a mutual working rapport. Frank also has exclusive access to a specialist technology firm that develops covert surveillance systems, remote and airborn tracking and military grade factual evidence security devices which are used in undercover operations.

Frank is a reliable seasoned profession that comes highly recommended. A trusted and reliable individual, Frank has a strong professional network which he can mobilise quickly in times of crisis.

Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment: 

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Associate. RTA.
  • Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. GAICD.
  • Private Investigation Agent, Collections & Enquiries Agent, Commercial Agent (SA licensing regime). Consumer and Business Affairs SA.