Chris Meatheringham

Chris Meatheringham

South Australia, National

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Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA
Restructuring & Turnaround Associate Member ~ RTA

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ABRT Board Member – Company Secretary 

In his earlier years, Chris Meatheringham gained experience working in dentistry and hospitality. Admitting that he performed poorly at school, Chris was of the opinion that he wasn’t cut out for an academic education pathway. However, through a combination of boredom and ambition Chris had a sudden and enlightening ‘light-bulb’ moment; where he made a firm decision expand his knowledge, broaden his options and becoming a business professional.

Chris had always had an interest in numerical analysis and the ASX. Choosing an undergraduate degree, Chris began reading a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Economics at Flinders University. While initially finding the material challenging after returning to study, Chris was soon inspired after discovering he had a natural ability for logic, probability and speed with numbers.

During the pandemic, Chris’s passion for statistical analysis was ignited. The global economic impact created wild fluctuations in previously steady statistical trends. Relative to prior years, markets suddenly became volatile and unpredictable. At this point Chris’s practical understanding macroeconomics began to take form. Chris built his own ‘virtual library’ after spending many hours researching and identifying credible online data resources (such as, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the and the Using his newly honed skills, Chris first began to challenge the basis of media articles before advancing to criticising and contrasting articles and releases by renowned economists, banks and politicians. Beyond the scope of his own tertiary studies, Chris designed his own systems for comparative analysis, identification of trends, application of logic and, importantly, credibility of the data source.

Intuitively, Chris’s attention turned to micro economics and the markets. Playing with virtual portfolios, Chris began assessing ASX listed company performance using information derived from continuous disclosure. Testing assumptions and passionately seeking out trends, Chris became an avid online investment forum reader and contributor, picking up insights and skills used by professional day traders that managed significant portfolios. The pandemic caused huge shifts in supply and demand – this enabled Chris the opportunity to identify which enterprises were incapable of adapting and doomed to failure. However, more agile and innovative corporations where able to transform, survive and thrive.

Chris began working with Eddie Griffith at Turnabout while completing his undergraduate degree, initially with administrative support and professional networking. Chris’s natural compassionate and polite nature made him a likeable personality and an ideal member of the team. After completing his degree, Chris utilised his statistical analysis and comparative financial skills to help with client reports. When undertaking scenario analyses for clients, Chris was able to utilise his financial background to build supporting estimated comparative outcome statements – showing the cents in the dollar returns to creditors under informal workout negotiations, recapitalisation, refinancing, ongoing trading, business restructuring, controlled business exits and voluntary administration (high level DOCAs). Chris also joined Eddie Griffith in initial client meetings and complex creditor negotiations – both of which are emotionally charged and require composure.

Chris particularly enjoyed helping small and family business owners in Adelaide and also gained the opportunity to work with regional SA business owners in collaboration with Rural Business Support SA. Chris’s determination, professionalism and tactical approach has improved immensely during his time working at TurnAbout. In order to further Chris’s governance and board decision making processes, he was appointed to the ABRT Board as Company Secretary.

Chris has transformed into a passionate ‘lifelong learner’ and is always seeking to improve business acumen and professional skillset. Chris has recently commenced a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics with Adelaide University. In addition to this, Chris continues to help to develop the ABRT Executive Certification through the development of the LMS.

Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment: 

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Associate. RTA.
  • Member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders. MIML. 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Economics) with Flinders University. BCom(Fin)(Ec).