Andy Wang

South Australia

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Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®
Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®

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Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment:

  • ABRT Restructuring and Turnaround Manager – RTM®
  • Chartered Accountant of the Chartered Accountants ANZ – CA
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Corporate Finance – BCom(Acc&CorpFin)
  • Academy of Mind & Motivation, NLC Level 2, Neuro Limbic Conditioning



Andy Wang has had passion for accounting, business and personal development since as early as he could remember. Andy is the director of Clarico, an Accounting and Bookkeeping company in Adelaide CBD who’s service provides a unique alternative to traditional accounting and advisory services. Andy only works with a limited number of clients focuses all his attention to understanding and servicing your business needs.

With startups, he will guide you through the whole business startup process so you will always know the next step. For more established business owners, he provides the full suite of accounting services and shares what he has learnt through his own business experience in the modern age. As someone who embraces technology, Andy is vastly knowledgeable and shares with you the importance, efficiencies and time and cost saving benefits that will help you grow and succeed.

“Success in business to me is more than a set of goals, it’s a mindset and I find nothing more inspiring than helping my clients challenge themselves, embrace their fears and become the architect of their own life and business.”

Andy Wang

Andy Wang also is known for his extremely optimistic personality who believes through ever obstacle there is opportunities to grow. Whilst Andy’s clients have mentioned how partnering with him has helped them overcome challenges in their business, they also express that he helped them overcome challenges in their personal life also.