Alistair Field

South Australia

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Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®
Certified Restructuring & Turnaround Manager ~ RTM®

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Education, Professional Memberships & Attainment:

  • ABRT Restructuring and Turnaround Manager. RTM®.
  • Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice with Flinders University. LLB. 
  • Bachelor of Business from with Flinders University. BBus. 



Alistair Field brings with him more than 10 years of experience in helping clients successfully achieve their goals. Alistair is known for his approachable nature and effective communication skills, making him easy to deal with and providing clients with a comfortable space to express their concerns. He goes above and beyond to offer support and guidance, ensuring clients are well informed about their legal standing and confident in the pursuit of a positive outcome.

In many cases, clients seek financial compensation that accurately reflects the hardships they have endured. In other instances, they simply require the expertise of a seasoned lawyer to shed light on their situation, offering clarity, guidance, support, and a strong advocate in their corner.

No matter the nature of your needs or the level of assistance required, Alistair and his team are dedicated to providing the necessary help. Their expertise and commitment ensure that clients receive the guidance and support they need, regardless of the challenges they face.