2.PPS Prospective Client Meetings & Initial Contact​

ABRT Members are encouraged to represent to clients that they subscribe to ABRT’s Code of Ethics and PPS. 

ABRT Members are required to assess their ability to undertake engagements by:


Matters that I/we consider prior to accepting a client engagement include:

The advising member must therefore satisfy himself that the directors are aware of their responsibilities. He should also obtain written instructions from the board of directors which clearly define the matters on which he is to advise.

If the advising member receives instructions which would require him to act in a manner materially contrary to the Statements of Insolvency Practice, he should only accept those instructions after careful consideration of the implications of acceptance in that particular case. Where the directors act contrary to the guidance contained in this statement the advising member may be called upon to show that the directors’ actions were undertaken either without his knowledge or against his advice.

This means targeting the sort of clients you wish to work with and becoming more selective with the clients you take on. In the early stages of a firm’s life, many firms take on nearly all clients. That’s because the need for building the client base is most important.

As you plan your growth strategies, you will be looking for growth that:

  1. Comes from a type of work you specialize in, or prefer doing;
  2. Produces a superior level of profitability;
  3. Comes from a preferred type of client; and
  4. Is suited to your firm and team mix.