Make a Complaint

Complain about an ABRT Member

The ABRT creates and maintains distinct professional standards, values and moral obligations (through our Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice Standards) which help to regulate, monitor and oversee the provision of complex advisory services to the business community and general public. 

The burden of regulation and supervision by government can often be reduced by improving the standards of practice. As a not-for-profit professional body, the ABRT provides rules, guidance, and a disciplinary & complaints process for members and the public.

If you have a complaint about the conduct of an ABRT Member, you can lodge a complaint for consideration by the ABRT Board. However, prior to lodging any complaint you are encouraged to complete the ASBFEO’s five steps to resolve a dispute

The ABRT Member can be identified through the ABRT Professional Directory. Please send an email to setting out the background and detailed reasons for the complaint.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ASBFEO)

The ABRT Board will make a determination and/or may seek support through the ASBFEO’s ‘alternative dispute resolution’ (ADR) process. ADR is an alternative to going to court to resolve your dispute.

ADR is generally quicker and cheaper than court and gives you more control over the outcome. Common types of ADR include facilitation, mediation and conciliation. 


ABRT Members holding Additional Professional Memberships 

Where an ABRT Member is also a member of an alternate professional body (for example, with an approved scheme for professional standards) then that professional will also be bound by that respective code of ethics and subject to their professions disciplinary frameworks (examples include members of the IPA, CA ANZ, CPA or the law societies – for a full list of approved standards schemes visit here). 

Depeing on the advice you received and the nature of your complaint, you may wish to make a complaint to an ABRT Members’ alternate professional bodies.  

ABRT Members as Australian Credit Licence holders and Authorised Credit Representatives

ABRT Practitioners as Australian Credit Licence holders or Authorised Credit Respresentatives are required to comply with the Regulations and their respective licensing terms agreed with ASIC. 

This includes maintaining membership of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). To establish whether an ABRT Practitioner is a member of AFCA you can search here. To establish the status of an ABRT member in relation to credit licensing, you can visit ASIC’s website here

If an ABRT Practitioner is an AFCA member, a complaint can be made by contacting in the first instance to establish whether the complaint can be resolved. In addition to the ASBFEO, AFCA offers alternative dispute resolution and may be the appropriate route for complaints about ACL holders or ACRs that are unable to be resolved by the ABRT (making a complaint to AFCA).