ABRT Executive Certification and Practitioner Pathway


Restructuring & Turnaround Associate - RTA

$150(GST n/a)

Annual membership

For those supplying or supporting the restructuring and turnaround profession - including Turnaround Professionals, Industry Executives, Restructuring & Insolvency Practitioners and accountants/lawyers.
For prospective students of the ABRT Executive Certification and those interested in joining the profession or gaining a contemporary executive turnaround certification relevant to future work or their career.
For example, in additional to entry level professionals and those interested in advancing their operational & financial restructuring & turnaround skillsets, this category is also suited to financiers, valuers, auctioneers, agents, technology providers, and other service providers interested in working with the profession.
This is the launchpad membership category for those who are keen to join or take part in an innovative professional body. Adherence and application of the ABRT Code of Ethics is required and advancement to the next membership category is based on successful demonstration to the ABRT Board that applicants' experience is appropriate and relevant to the advancement of the ABRT's Vision and Purpose.
Also for those who have completed the ABRT Executive Certification but don’t yet qualify for Professional Membership (for example, they do not yet meet the appropriate experience requirement for ABRT R&T Manager status - RTM®).


Restructuring & Turnaround Manager - RTM®

$350(GST n/a)

Annual membership

The ABRT aims to embrace the entire community of restructuring and turnaround professionals whatever role they play, the nature of their turnaround experience or their specialism. A hardcopy of the book 'Triage: The art of business turnarounds' by Stephen Barnes RTP® is included upon successfully joining at this member level.
This category has a broad membership base of experienced professionals who have the skillsets and potential to contribute to entrepreneurship, innovation and the sustainable recovery of SME sector businesses, thus promoting economic regeneration.
Turnaround Professionals, Industry Executives or Directors, Restructuring & Insolvency Practitioners, accountants/lawyers and business advisory specialists who have appropriate and relevant experience (as determined by ABRT Board) and who are yet to complete the ABRT Executive Certification.
Including those who are employed by organisations where operational turnaround & restructuring has formed part of their job role. Also for those employed by, or have worked with, banks, financial institutions, and investment firms who are involved in turnaround, workouts, and informal or formal insolvency matters. Also for approved academics in the field of insolvency, restructuring, and turnaround.
Application of the ABRT Code of Ethics is required, as is knowledge of the Professional Practice Standards (PPS) relevant to the member's role. Advancement to the next membership category is based on successful completion of the ABRT Executive Certification and ABRT Board approval (ABRT R&T Executive status - RTE®).


Restructuring & Turnaround Executive - RTE®

$550(GST n/a)

Annual membership

For professionals who have met the ABRT Eligibility Criteria and completed the ABRT Executive Certification are awarded the prestigious status of Restructuring & Turnaround Executive - RTE®.
This category comprises of elite restructuring and turnaround executives, directors and/or business advisory specialists. A hardcopy of the book 'Triage: The art of business turnarounds' by Stephen Barnes RTP® is included upon successfully joining at this member level.
RTE® members commit to ongoing professional development, with a minimum of 25 hours of CPD annually, and engage in collaborative learning to develop advanced, practical skills for impactful business and financial turnaround strategies.
This membership category is appropriate to innovative leaders in industry, technology and/or advisory who seek the pinnacle of professional recognition within the evolving Australian business restructuring and turnaround landscape.
Application of the ABRT Code of Ethics is required, as is knowledge of the Professional Practice Standards (PPS) relevant to the member's role.


Restructuring & Turnaround Practitioner - RTP®

$600(GST n/a)

Annual membership (discounted price until January 2025)

In addition to completion of the ABRT Executive Certification, in order to transition to R&T Practitioner status - RTP® an ABRT Executive must successfully complete the ABRT Professional Practice Certification (which incorporates practical application and knowledge of the ABRT Code of Ethics and the Professional Practice Standards - PPS).
RTP® status enables professionals to establish their practice as independent consultants or firm owners, upholding the ABRT's stringent ethical codes and professional standards.
Transitioning to this membership category is for business Restructuring & Turnaround Specialists who have a desire for their core focus to be on providing expert professional business advisory services (often on complex and sensitive specialist matters where a lead role is taken). Appropriate/adequate professional indemnity insurance is required in addition to evidence of practice management (or membership of a scheme approved by the Professional Standards Councils per below).
In addition to RTP® members' maintaining appropriate professional indemnity insurance, these members must comply with ongoing professional development requirements to ensure the highest level of expertise in navigating complex and high risk distressed/insolvent scenarios where corporate and personal advisory ramifications must be assessed and worked through. The nature of this work inevitably involves a level of assisting clients, AND any other advisors involved, in understanding their legislative duties, any regulatory guidance and best practice governance and professional standards.
There is a requirement to annually verify they remain 'fit and proper' persons, maintain the required CPD, hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance and are subject to periodic Professional Practice Quality Assurance Reviews. Practitioner Members are encouraged to incorporate peer reviews or contribute case studies to assist with their fufilment of this requirement.
Preferably, Restructuring & Turnaround Practitioners - RTP® would hold a public practice certificate with a limited liability scheme approved by the Professional Standards Council (for example, as is so often held by qualified accountants, lawyers and Australian Computer Society members). However, so as not to restrict this membership category to alternative professions, evidence of practice experience will be considered by the Board (please contact for more information). It is the intention of the ABRT to finalise its application with the Professional Standards Council in the future.

A $110 (GST inc) once-off application fee is payable for addition to the directory.

ABRT Executive Certification and Practitioner Pathway 

A $110 (GST inc) once-off application fee is payable for addition to the directory. 

1. Restructuring and Turnaround Associate – RTA®

Fit and proper person declaration required. Minimum of two professional references required. Verification of qualifications, professional memberships and certifications. Police/criminal clearances required. 
Expectation to contribute towards research, education, advocacy and professional standards. Annual declaration required. Whilst officially not an ABRT professional member with voting rights (unless consented member of the Board or designated sub-committee member), Restructuring and Turnaround Associate’s may matriculate to an Executive RTE® or a Practitioner RTP® at the Board’s discretion. 
As a newly founded professional association, the ABRT recognises that a disproportionate number of seasoned professionals, executives and academics members will commence as Restructuring and Turnaround Associates RTA®. With the development of the ABRT’s Executive Certification and as the Association continues with its state and territoy launch events during 2023, it is expected that the number of ABRT professional members will grow rapidly. 

2. Restructuring and Turnaround Executive – RTE®

Having satisfied the ABRT Eligibility Criteria as a Restructuring and Turnaround Associate RTA®, the member may undertake the ‘Executive Certificate in Restructuring and Turnaround’. This results in the applicant graduating to Restructuring & Turnaround Executive RTE® and thus gaining the highest possile professional recognition that can be achieved by a professional or executive within the broad realms of business Restructuring and Turnaround Australian jurisdiction. This is suitable to directors, executives, change managers, industry leaders, accounting and legal professionals, business growth specialists and other professionals that have become disenchanted by the poor quality of the exisiting post-graduate supposedly covering this profession. 
Maintaining a minimum of 25 hours of CPD per annum, Restructuring & Turnaround Executives RTE® will transform the lives and careers of thousands colleagues, board members, professionals and organisations. The ABRT professional certification requires candidates to purchase the latest copy of ‘KEAY’S INSOLVENCY: personal and corporate law and practice’ (Michael Murray and Jason Harris). There is a requirement to understand the latest legislative reform but, predominantly, the focus of the executive certification is the ability to be decisive, ensure practical application, and tackle real world business case examples. 
The ABRT believes in collaborative learning and research. Candidates can expect to meet a range of professionals and executives from various industries that are seeking to undertake the certification for a multitude of reasons. Collaborating with a range of diverse professionals, you will get the opportunity to hear from our seasoned academics, leadership consultants, governance experts and thought leaders. This is not an easy course and there is nothing in Australia that resembles it even closely. However, the ABRT guarantees you will forge strong alliances, build lifelong business contacts, develop business acumen, protect yourself and others ethically and proudly demonstrate your professional expertise.  you will be in the unique position to develop short timeframe business and financial turnaround strategies. 

3. Restructuring and Turnaround Practitioner – RTP®

A Restructuring and Turnaround Practitioner RTP®, having passed the ‘Executive Certificate in Restructuring and Turnaround’ may apply for their public practice certificate by undertaking the ‘ABRT Professional Practice Course’ within 6 months of their application. The ABRT recognises the Restructuring and Turnaround field is so broad that it extends far beyond the outdated roots of insolvency law or accounting exposure and the accompanying sluggish academic based courses offered by associations that may consider their could be an ‘overlap’. 
Holding a Public Practice Certificate means you are able to strike out on your own as a Restructuring and Turnaround specialist consultant or commence your own firm. Strict adherence to the ABRT ethics code and Professional Practice Standards is fundamental and you are required to maintain the usual annual compliance and performance checks expected of professional experts. 
Restructuring and Turnaround Practitioners RTP® are required to hold adequate professional indemnity insurance (for example, as required by section 588GA – advising directors on safe harbour protection from insolvent trading personal liability). Practicing members may also consider obtaining an Australian Credit Licence with ‘Debt Management Services’ authorisation (rather than go through the application process, you can also elect to be an Authorised Credit Representative of an ASIC licensed Debt Management Services ACL holder (contact for further information).  
Restructuring & Turnaround Executives RTE® may apply for a Practitioner status if they already hold a public practice certificate with a limited liability scheme approved by the professional standards council (for example, accountants, lawyers, surveyors, computer society members etc…). A new formal insolvency regime became effective in 2020 that permits the directors of a company to put forward a compromise proposal to creditors whilst they continue to trade the business (dubbed ‘debtor in possession’). A ‘small business restructuring practitioner’ must be appointed under 5.3B of the CA 2001 – this is a subclass of a registered liquidator and the application must be made through ASIC. To find an appropriately qualified advisor, please use our Professional Directory.