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Empower Your Business Against Cyber Threats

The Cyber Warden Certificate, in partnership with the Australian Signals Directorate, offers a critical opportunity for small businesses to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats. This initiative aims to make cyber security accessible and understandable, ensuring your business’s protection is robust and resilient.

Utilise the Cyber Wardens Education Tool

The Cyber Wardens program is a straightforward educational tool designed to create a cyber-smart workforce within small businesses. Educating your team about cyber threats significantly contributes to safeguarding your business’s digital frontier.


Partner with Key Government Departments (CPD)

This program also presents a unique opportunity to partner with key government departments, enhancing your cyber security posture through continuous professional development (CPD) and access to the latest resources and insights.

Everyone Can Be a Cyber Warden

  • Accessibility: You don’t need to be an IT expert or tech-savvy to become a Cyber Warden. The program is designed for everyone, aiming to integrate cyber safety practices as seamlessly as workplace safety.
  • Prevention and Protection: Just as safety officers prevent physical hazards, Cyber Wardens are trained to tackle digital threats, protecting your business’s digital assets with equivalent diligence and skill.

The Impact on Australian Small Businesses

  • Vulnerability: With 2.3 million small businesses in Australia, the potential impact of cyber threats is significant. However, through education, small businesses can become a formidable first line of cyber defense.
  • Statistics Highlight the Urgency:
    • A significant percentage of cyber crimes target small businesses.
    • There is a notable annual increase in cyber insurance premiums.
    • Customer trust drops dramatically following an attack, with considerable hours lost to recovery.

Cyber Wardens: A Collaborative Initiative

The Cyber Wardens initiative is a collaborative effort led by the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), supported by the Australian Government, and enhanced through partnerships with industry leaders such as Telstra, CommBank, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre, with execution by 89 Degrees East.

This collective endeavor highlights the critical role of teamwork in bolstering cyber security within the small business community, aiming to keep Australian enterprises safeguarded, innovative, and ahead in the global marketplace.

For detailed insights on embracing the Cyber Wardens program to fortify your business against digital threats and to explore partnership opportunities with the Australian Signals Directorate, delve into:

Simplified Cyber Security for Australian Small Business

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