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The Association for Business Restructuring & Turnaround (ABRT) is a non-profit professional association founded in early 2020. The ABRT was established by numerous professionals with interests in business performance management, insolvency, restructuring and turnaround. The focus is predominantly for executives and professionals operating within the small to medium enterprise (SME) sector and is for the purpose of bringing recognition, credibility and professional standards to the broader business turnaround industry.

In these uncertain and volatile economic times, all businesses are at risk of abrupt cessation of trade, financial distress and/or insolvency. The ABRT aims to embrace the entire community of restructuring and turnaround professionals whatever role they play, the nature of their turnaround experience or their specialism. 

Our collective expertise promotes innovation, economic regeneration, resolves financial distress for small and family businesses, saves jobs, and creates the confidence and public trust which underpins the continuation of trade and sustainable economic growth. 

In Australia, the legal framework for regulating restructuring and turnaround professionals continues to be developed. Pre-insolvency systems are globally becoming recognised as a preference to premature formal appointments of insolvency accountants. Restructuring and turnaround executives and professionals may potentially have qualifications and experience in banking, risk management, counselling, transformation, HR & IA, accounting, finance, law or governance (to name a few). The ABRT serves as a platform for all professionals to network and collaborate ‘on the level’. 

At the Peak of Professional Standards

In an age in which we have so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to query whether we actually need professionals. Recent unexpected events have proven that our world and the economy is changing at a rapid pace. Also evolving is the legislative, technological and commercial framework to which businesses must adapt in order to continue operating successfully.

Professional practices must be maintained to the highest of standards if an advisor or key executive’s expertise is to remain current, relevant and add value to an organisation. 

Restructuring and turnaround professionals must remain adaptive, innovative and effective if they are to continue playing an integral part in Australia’s economic regeneration. When a professional joins the ABRT, a pledge is made to maintain the highest of standards, pursue innovation in learning and advocate for the benefit of not just their own profession, but the broader business community and public also. 

Rapidly Evolving World

In order to remain a trusted business restructuring and turnaround practitioner, continual professional development is essential. Traditional professional advisory systems have become dated and no longer stand to effectively serve the small and family business sector. We now face the reality that every business, client and employer is potentially at risk of failure, regardless of size or industry.

Whereas in previous years the only option for a distressed business might have been to consult a regulated insolvency practitioner, this simply isn’t feasible in our current environment. New legislation places greater risks and added scrutiny on business advisory specialists than ever before. 

The solution is to join the ABRT professional community and equip yourself with the right tools to ensure the continuation of businesses and jobs wherever practicable. Be a part of the future by making a positive impact on the economy and society by becoming a trusted:

ABRT Restructuring & Turnaround Associate – RTA 

ABRT Restructuring & Turnaround Manager – RTM®

ABRT Restructuring & Turnaround Executive – RTE® 

ABRT Restructuring & Turnaround Practitioner – RTP®

Showcase your Professional Expertise and Specialism

The ABRT strongly believe that business owners and consumers must have the opportunity to browse a professional’s specialism, commitment, achievements, qualifications and experience.

The ABRT Professional Directory provides access to a range of ABRT Member Professional Profiles. Unlike Linkedin, all the information displayed on a member’s Professional Profile has been verified by the ABRT Board prior to publishing.

The ABRT acts as a trusted authority to ensure business owners can decide which specialist or team of professionals is appropriately qualified to provide the expert advice needed to resolve their own unique predicament. 

Indeed, public respect and trust in restructuring and turnaround professionals is strongly connected to how well the ABRT is doing its job of developing good professionals, helping the public find the expertise they need – and protecting consumers and clients from poor practice, biased information, and professional incompetence.

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