ABRT Strategy

The Plan

An important element of The ABRT Plan is a defined vision and purpose. These form the foundations of the ABRT’s work, and are designed to clearly capture the reasons why the ABRT exists, and what we’re striving to achieve in future. 

ABRT Vision 

The ABRT vision is to be the thriving, collaborative, inclusive organisation at the centre of Australia’s restructuring and turnaround profession – upholding professional standards, developing a strong framework and promoting sustainable economic growth.

The ABRT embraces the entire community of restructuring and turnaround professionals whatever role they play, the nature of their turnaround experience and/or specialism.  

Our collective expertise promotes economic regeneration, resolves financial distress for SMEs and family businesses, saves jobs, and creates the confidence and public trust which underpins the continuation of trade and sustainable economic growth. 

ABRT Purpose

ABRT Members are professionals operating in the restructuring and turnaround industry and play a critical role in protecting and restoring value within the small and family business sector of the economy.

The ABRT exists to protect and promote a strong restructuring and turnaround framework to enable our members fulfil their vital role in the economy and society. This involves the continual development of a Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Standards (PPS).

The ABRT brings credibility, recognition and promotion to those business professionals who seek to genuinely resolve financial distress, strive towards economic regeneration and uphold the highest of professional standards in our evolving restructuring and turnaround framework.

ABRT Cornerstones

Standing on the foundations of the ABRT Purpose and the ABRT Vision are key themes, which we refer to as ‘cornerstones’. The ABRT Cornerstones support the different elements of our Plan – Professional Community, Advocacy, and Innovation in Learning.

1. Innovation in Learning 

The ABRT Innovation in Learning cornerstone guides our work to continue delivering practical, relevant education and professional development that helps shape the future of the restructuring and turnaround profession and maintains the highest standards of advice.

2. Professional Community 

The Professional Community cornerstone underpins our initiative  to build a broad, diverse and active membership base that effectively and objectively serves the small and family business sector whilst maintaining confidence and upholding public trust. 

3. Advocacy

The Advocacy cornerstone is designed to define the ABRT’s role as the collective voice of the restructuring and turnaround profession, actively promoting and protecting the value of ABRT Members’ work (without any agenda, bias or self-interest).

4. Adaptation

Finally, and importantly, the ABRT remains committed to having a dynamic and adaptive strategy so our objectives and activities continue to match the world around us as time progresses.