ABRT Executive Certification

Executive Certificate in Turnaround Management Practice

The ABRT Executive Certificate in Turnaround Management Practice course is a program developed to ensure an ABRT Member’s professional competence in the field of restructuring and turnaround. 

ABRT Members can improve performance and decision-making with certification and pragmatic professional development that will have a long-lasting impact on their career in restructuring and turnaround. On successful completion, current ABRT Associates may matriculate to the highest category of membership – Professional Membership – and are permitted use of the prestigious RTE® post nominals (Restructuring and Turnaround Executive).


RTE® is a special category of membership awarded to ABRT Professional Members. It highlights an ABRT Member’s current knowledge, leadership expertise and operational experience in the restructuring and turnaround profession. 

Holding the ABRT Professional Member credential – RTE® – demonstrates to clients, colleagues and the professional community that you are committed to upholding the highest standards in the field of restructuring and turnaround. It will raise levels of respect both in the your local business community and the broader financial community. 

Is the course right for you?

The ABRT Certificate is tailored to experienced restructuring and turnaround practitioners who would like to take their performance to the next level and demonstrate their expertise. The Certificate is also available to industry leaders, directors and executive managers who are seeking to expand their knowledge of contemporary restructuring and turnaround issues. It is an ideal stepping stone for making the transition from industry into practice. Or vice versa with interim management or officer arrangements and directorships. 

By obtaining the RTE® an ABRT Member will gain recognition of your knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of restructuring and turnaround.  Once ABRT Professional Member RTE® status is attained, a ‘Restructuring & Turnaround Executive’ is required to accumulate 30 hours of structured CPD points over the next 3 years to be re-certified as an RTE®

Subject to possessing the requisite experience and professional indemnity insurance, RTE® accreditation will substantively underpin an ABRT Professional Member’s capacity to undertake advisory work in relation to the insolvency Safe Harbour for directors (it may be utilised towards an ABRT Member’s ability to be considered an appropriately qualified entity under section 588GA of the Corporations Act 2001).   

Professional networking opportunities

Joining a professional association like the ABRT is a great way to further your career through professional networking events, continuing education and professional development, and more. If you aim to manage a practice or work as a sole practitioner, membership of a professional association can help improve potential clients’ level of trust and confidence in your expertise and abilities. Restructuring and turnaround services exist in a kind of regulatory grey area. It’s not that the laws that exist or the related jobs are unclear; the regulators do a great job of making everything as simple as possible. It’s more that not every job is regulated or requires professional regulation. For example, you can work as an accounts clerk or a bookkeeper in a small business without formal qualifications. Contrast that with, say, medicine and healthcare, where most roles require a minimum formal qualification by law (except for some clerical and housekeeping positions).

Delivery & Investment

The program includes five days of focused learning with other industry leaders and professionals.

You will develop your restructuring and turnaround skills by participating in interactive online workshops on the issues and challenges faced by distressed businesses.

  • Law for Turnaround – prerequisite 1 day course
  • Financial Analysis for Turnaround – prerequisite 1 day course
  • Certificate of Completion for Strategy, Leadership and Operations for Turnaround – 3 days 
A mandatory take home exam (part of the capstone project) forms part of the program.
Given the specific application of restructuring and turnaround issues to each of the subjects, exemptions are not available for any components of the course (for example, lawyers, accountants, insolvency practitioners and experienced professionals must still undertake the full 5 days). For more information, please email memberships@abrt.org.au.